Adolescent / Young athletes

We understand young athletes and the stress that sports can have on their bodies.

What to expect

  • Clear management plan
  • Effective communication
  • Long term vision

Injuries to adolescents and young athletes require special attention and careful management.

Managing injuries correctly during the developmental phase is a key element to the long term health, performance, and enjoyment of the young athlete.

The phase when the body is growing rapidly comes with a unique set of challenges to the adolescent/ young athlete.This growth phase combined with the demands of sporting activities, extracurricular activities and school can overwhelm a young athlete leading to, over-training, poor performance, injuries and a decrease in enjoyment.

With our involvement in all levels of sports we have come across many young athletes who are picking up far too many injuries and becoming burnt out.
At Podium we have a special interest in this population to help prevent and treat injuries associated with their development and the demands from their participation in sport.

We will work with the athlete, their parents and their coaches to help navigate everyone through this phase in order to achieve the best possible long term outcomes.

  • Achilles insertion pain – Sever’s’Disease
  • Patella tendon insertion pain – Oshgood Schlatters
  • Bone stress injuries – Bone stress reaction, bone bruising, stress fractures
  • Tendinopathies – tendon pain and injury from overloading
  • PatelloFemoral Joint pain – Pain on the kneecap
  • Hip / buttock pain – Hip socket injuries
  • Back pain – overloading of the spine and its support structures