Muscle Balance Assessment

We can help you prevent injuries before they occur.

What to expect

  • Correct imbalances
  • Decrease injury risks
  • Improve performance

We can help identify weaknesses and imbalances in how you move and function.

Correcting these area of concern can decrease your risk of injuries and improve your function and performance.
The Muscle Balance Assessment (MBA) is a comprehensive review of how you move and use your muscles in relation to your sports or your daily life. The focus is on identifying areas of dysfunction that may be causing you ongoing injuries /pain. It can also be an excellent injury prevention tool to identify areas of risk so that you can work on it and correct it before it becomes a problem.
  • Injury history / current injury / medical history
  • Posture & movement patterns
  • Strength & coordination of muscles
  • Flexibility & range of motion
  • Specific techniques and movement pattern to your sport, work, or activities/hobbies
  • Someone with ongoing/recurrent injuries, niggles, and pain
  • Someone looking to decrease their risk of injuries
  • Someone who wants to improve their performance in their particular sports, activities, or hobbies

You will receive a full report of the findings with recommendations and management plans. We can directly liaise with any of your key contacts (parents, coaches, strength and conditioning coaches, fitness trainers, other health professionals) to share our findings and report.

If you need ongoing assistance and treatments then we will make plans to see you through a successful return to play/sports program.