Dale Gooding

Dale Gooding

Sports Podiatrist

Dale is a Senior Podiatrist with Auckland Sports Podiatry and is based at Podium 3 days a week.

Dale completed his Bachelor degree in Podiatry and Post Graduate in rehabilitation at the Auckland University of Technology.

He has over 13 years experience in New Zealand and Australia, and has treated everybody from the elite athlete to the humble weekend warrior.

His passion lies with Sports Podiatry, Biomechanics, rehabilitation, and technical knowledge in shoes and braces. Dale is a firm believer of the multidisciplinary team approach of working with other health professionals to get the best outcomes for his patients. He prides himself on being thorough with his assessment and tailoring a treatment plan to suit your needs.

He is also a big fan of Rugby, Rugby League, Cricket and Basketball. He likes to spend time in the outdoors, hiking and hunting. He is also the proud owner of a very large collection of basketball shoes!

Dale has recently become a father and now has firm orders to limit his buying of basketball shoes and going off hunting for the weekend.